About Us

Global Hand Cameroon (GLOHA) is a Community Based Organization in Cameroon with its head office on the slopes of Mount Cameroon. Our objectives are to identify opportunities to improve people’s livelihoods and alleviate poverty, and to engage communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.

Towards this goal, we work to engage communities in ecosystem protection and preservation, community development and ecotourism in order to reduce unemployment and provide sustainable livelihoods to families within the Mount Cameroon area. Through this, we are confident we can reduce the rate of illegal hunting and indiscriminate/unsustainable harvesting of natural resources.

Part of our activity is to promote community development by assisting in community projects, programs and activities.

Our vision is to increase efforts in monitoring farming activities within the area and educating farmers on conservation agriculture and climate change (adaptation and mitigation) — its challenges and opportunities in the farming sector and likewise some possible Climate Smart Agricultural (CSA) practices that can help farmers adapt and sustain their livelihood.

To meet our objectives, we welcome volunteer services and actions from people of every background, irrespective of race, gender, ethnicity, or color.  We embrace volunteerism as a strength in fostering community development programs and projects.