Global Hand Cameroon

Global Hand (GLOHA) is a Community Based Organization in Cameroon with its head office on the slopes of Mount Cameroon (Mt. Fako).  Our objectives are to identify opportunities to improve people’s livelihoods and alleviate poverty, and to engage communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.

More About Us

Mt. Etinde viewed from the forests and grasslands on the southern flank of Mt. Fako (Mount Cameroon)

What We Do

Saving Ecosystems

Creating awareness and engaging communities in the protection and preservation of South West Cameroon’s unique environment, recognizing the region’s important biodiversity and remarkable ecosystems which extend from sea level to over 4,000 m at the summit of Mount Cameroon.

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Sustainable Community Development

Using a community-based, participatory approach to identify and implement community programs and activities and empower the local population on individual, group and community levels. Integrated agroforestry, beekeeping, and other small-scale projects show great promise.

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Sustainable Tourism

Promoting best practices and sustainable natural resource management for improved livelihoods and increased income through the transformation of hunters to guides or trackers, and the engagement of youths and communities in healthy, resilient tourism activities.

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Our Latest News

Human-Elephant Conflict Around Mount Cameroon National Park

Global Hand Cameroon has recently been working in partnership with the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) to develop a new “Rapid Response Team” strategy for preventing human-elephant conflicts in communities adjacent to Mount Cameroon National Park.  [READ MORE]

Participants in RRT meeting
Participants in Rapid Response Team meeting

Consultation with Local Communities for a Conservation Development Agreement

As a Local Support Organization for Mount Cameroon National Park, Global Hand Cameroon met with representatives from six local communities and officials from several conservation organizations to discuss the establishment of a Cluster Conservation Development Agreement (CCDA).  [READ MORE]

Participants in CCDA meeting
Participants in CCDA meeting

Beekeeping Within the Periphery of Conservation Zones

Mr. Evambe Thompson, founder and CEO of Global Hand Cameroon, has been appointed to the post of board chairman of a new beekeepers cooperative which was formed in conjunction with Mount Cameroon National Park to combat the destructive practices of wild honey hunting.  [READ MORE]

New beehives to be distributed
New beehives to be distributed

Strengthening Measures to Eradicate Poliomyelitis

Many children in South West Cameroon remain unvaccinated against polio; thus, the campaign for polio vaccinations will be relaunched in March of 2024 in an attempt to reach these vulnerable children.  Global Hand Cameroon attended a press briefing on the latest campaign strategies.  [READ MORE]

Child receiving polio vaccination
Child receiving polio vaccination

Sharing Knowledge About Tree Nurseries

Three nursery operators from the village of Kotto II were recently invited to the multipurpose nursery in Bakingili for an exchange of ideas and knowledge. The visit was extremely positive and has opened a path for collaboration between the two communities.  [READ MORE]

View of seedlings growing in the Bakingili multipurpose nursery
Bakingili Multipurpose Nursery

Conservation Within Cocoa Production Communities

Global Hand Cameroon has been selected as the Local Support Organization to conduct an assessment of a proposed multipurpose nursery and agroforestry project in the village of Kotto II in Bomboko. This project will assist local cocoa farmers and also help preserve valuable forest resources.   [READ MORE]

Cocoa production
Cocoa farming

Preventing Polio in the Rural Populations

Phase 2 of the campaign for polio vaccinations kicked off in Buea with a meeting of media professionals on 26 October 2023. It is hoped that with a successful media blitz many more children in rural areas will be vaccinated against polio during the campaign rounds to be conducted 3-5 November 2023.   [READ MORE]

Group photo, polio phase 2
Group participants

Collaboration with Agricultural Training Center

Global Hand Cameroon has been in discussions with the Centre Polyvalent de Formation about the possibility of extending their bio-agricultural training programs to the South West Region. Bio-agriculture is a sustainable and cost-effective farming system with important health and environmental benefits.   [READ MORE]

Farming plot created and tended by students
Farming plot created and tended by students

Beekeeping to Conserve the Mount Cameroon Forest

Mr. Evambe Thompson, founder and CEO of Global Hand Cameroon, was recently featured in a story published on the Planet Forward website about his work using beekeeping as a tool to conserve the exceptionally rich and biodiverse forests surrounding Mount Cameroon.   [READ THE STORY HERE]

Thompson with a full comb of honey. Photo courtesy of Batata Boris-Karloff
A full comb of honey. Photo courtesy of Batata Boris-Karloff, Planet Forward

Our Partners

Programme for the Sustainable Management of Natural Resources, South West Region

Please see our news pages for more updates, or contact us for further information.  We would love to hear from you.