Global Hand Cameroon

Global Hand (GLOHA) is a Community Based Organization in Cameroon with its head office on the slopes of Mount Cameroon (Mt. Fako).  Our objectives are to identify opportunities to improve people’s livelihoods and alleviate poverty, and to engage communities in the sustainable management of natural resources.

More About Us

Mt. Etinde viewed from the forests and grasslands on the southern flank of Mt. Fako (Mount Cameroon)

What We Do

Saving Ecosystems

Creating awareness and engaging communities in the protection and preservation of South West Cameroon’s unique environment, recognizing the region’s important biodiversity and remarkable ecosystems which extend from sea level to over 4,000 m at the summit of Mount Cameroon.

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Sustainable Community Development

Using a community-based, participatory approach to identify and implement community programs and activities and empower the local population on individual, group and community levels. Integrated agroforestry, beekeeping, and other small-scale projects show great promise.

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Sustainable Tourism

Promoting best practices and sustainable natural resource management for improved livelihoods and increased income through the transformation of hunters to guides or trackers, and the engagement of youths and communities in healthy, resilient tourism activities.

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Our Latest News

Collaboration with Agricultural Training Center

Global Hand Cameroon has been in discussions with the Centre Polyvalent de Formation about the possibility of extending their bio-agricultural training programs to the South West Region. Bio-agriculture is a sustainable and cost-effective farming system with important health and environmental benefits.   [READ MORE]

Farming plot created and tended by students

Farming plot created and tended by students

Workshop on Vaccination Against Polio

On 15 September 2023, a representative of Global Hand Cameroon attended an informational meeting on the upcoming campaign for polio vaccination. The meeting was designed for local journalists to help them sensitize the community on the importance of polio vaccinations.   [READ MORE]

Group photo, vaccination workshop

Some of the participants in vaccination workshop

Beekeeping to Conserve the Mount Cameroon Forest

Mr. Evambe Thompson, founder and CEO of Global Hand Cameroon, was recently featured in a story published on the Planet Forward website about his work using beekeeping as a tool to conserve the exceptionally rich and biodiverse forests surrounding Mount Cameroon.   [READ THE STORY HERE]

Thompson with a full comb of honey. Photo courtesy of Batata Boris-Karloff
A full comb of honey. Photo courtesy of Batata Boris-Karloff, Planet Forward

Denouncing Hate and Hate Speech

On 13 June 2023, Global Hand Cameroon joined several other NGOs to hold a workshop in Buea on methods to identify, expose and eliminate hate speech. The workshop brought together people local to the area as well as those forced from their homes due to the Anglophone Crisis.   [READ MORE]

Round table discussion on hate speech at the Christian Broadcasting Service
Discussion on hate speech at the Christian Broadcasting Service

Human-Elephant Conflict, Mount Cameroon National Park

In late May and early June of 2023, Global Hand Cameroon participated in several sensitization meetings that were held to address the problem of conflicts between forest elephants and local farmers on the western boundary of Mount Cameroon National Park.  [READ MORE]

Bomana village meeting
Bomana village meeting on human-elephant conflict

Collaboration with Civic Watch Cameroon

Global Hand Cameroon met with the organization Civic Watch to exchange ideas and materials on combating hate speech. Hate and hate speech have been on the rise in Buea due to the ongoing Anglophone Crisis and the resulting increase in internally displaced persons.   [READ MORE]

Collaboration between organizations
Collaboration between organizations

Genetic Resources (Prunus Africana) and Rural Livelihoods

Non-timber forest products — especially those with medicinal value such as Voacanga, Harungana, and Prunus Africana — have long been the pharmacy to locals, and some farmers have begun to cultivate these genetic resources. Global Hand is collaborating with others to assist these farmers.  [READ MORE]

Meeting participants
Participants in genetics resources meeting

Local Actions and Commitments Relating to SDGs

To commemorate the seventh anniversary of the adoption of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Hand Cameroon participated in a seminar organized by the United Nations Cameroon, the Ministry of Youth Affairs, and Civic Education. At the Buea seminar, issues on gender equality, poverty, hunger, and climate change were center of discussion.    [READ MORE]

Poster with 17 Sustainable Development Goals
UN Sustainable Development Goals

Traditional Practices and Sustainable Development

Ms. Egnalyn Ngwe is a Gender and Development Anthropologist who contends that traditional farming techniques as a cultural expression will not only ensure food security but also create a balance with local natural resources. Global Hand Cameroon recently teamed with Ms. Ngwe to conduct interviews and focus group discussions with farmers in local communities.  [READ MORE]

Egnalyn NGWE with organically-cultivated yam
Egnalyn Ngwe with organically-cultivated yam

Please see our news pages for more updates, or contact us for further information.  We would love to hear from you.