Sustainable Community Development

Global Hand Cameroon uses a community-based, participatory approach to identify and implement community programs and activities that empower the local population on individual, group and community levels.

Communication for Community Development

This project is focused on improving the well-being of rural communities through education. It is an integrated project which uses a sector-by-sector approach so that individual communities will be better informed on current challenges and opportunities.

We partner with community radio stations to transmit information on relevant issues in local languages (Pidgin, English and vernacular). In addition, as an organization based within these communities, we are able to collaborate with the traditional rulers which facilitates the use of other communication strategies such as community clubs, workshops, and training of peer educators.

Agroforestry and Food Security

Under this project, we improve living standards, protect ecosystems, and provide climate change solutions — all at the same time. Instead of encouraging extensive agriculture which is not environmentally friendly due to loss of habitat, we promote the use of a single plot with more than one crop or farming activity. Using agroforestry techniques, a farmer can generate income from the sale of food crops while the activity has little or no negative effect on the environment.

To date, our integrated agroforestry pilot projects on beekeeping, as well as plantain, yam, fruit trees and vegetable farming, have had positive results and show great promise for reducing poverty and hunger as well as providing positive local action towards mitigating and adapting to climate change.