Saving Ecosystems

Global Hand Cameroon works to save ecosystems and protect nature by creating awareness and engaging communities in the protection and preservation of our environment. The South West Region of Cameroon hosts ecosystems ranging from the shoreline on the Gulf of Guinea, through dense tropical rainforests to the grasslands and rocky volcanics at the summit of Mount Cameroon — an elevational gradient of over four thousand meters. It thus is a place of remarkable biodiversity with world-wide importance.

Green Communities

The Green Community Project involves the protection of existing biodiversity and the regeneration of lost biodiversity and natural resources. The project also focuses on related environmental issues such as ecosystem protection, climate change mitigation and adaptation practices. It promotes environmental best practices by harmonizing the ideas, experience and initiatives of both environmental experts and community members in the protection, management and use of biodiversity and natural resources. Through this collaborative approach, lost forested space and habitat can be regenerated, and endemic plants and animals that are nearly extinct can be restored.

The Green Economy Project is another multi-sector project which will increase forested space and wild animal populations, as well as enhance community awareness on natural resource and biodiversity management. It will improve community application of environmental best practices, as well as improve the livelihoods of these communities through revenue from ecotourism, sustainable harvesting and sale of medicinal plants, and other introduced green economy activities.