Phase two of the campaign to eradicate polio

According to health experts, many children in Cameroon still have not been immunized against polio. This is especially true in rural communities and in those areas affected by the ongoing political crisis where communication networks are poor and there are conflicts with the farming calendar. Considering that polio is such a devastating, debilitating disease, the government of Cameroon has organized campaigns and other programs with the goal of immunizing every child, particularly those under five years of age.

Group photo, polio phase 2
Group participants

In furtherance of this goal, a number of media professionals, including a representative of Global Hand Cameroon, gathered again on Friday, 26 October 2023, at the South West Ministry of Public Health in Buea for a second meeting to discuss these latest campaigns and to promote awareness in the target communities.

According to communication focal person Mukwelle Cynthia, the aim of this second-round campaign (occurring one month after the last) is to strengthen the collective immunity of children under the age of five years against type 2 poliovirus by vaccinating all children in this age group with the new type 2 Oral Polio Vaccine, thereby halting the spread of the virus. The new campaign rounds are planned for Friday 3 November to Sunday 5 November 2023, and will occur in the Centre, Littoral, North-West, West, South and South-West regions.

“The main vaccination strategies will be door-to-door (preferred method), fixed strategy in health facilities, and temporary fixed strategy in schools, places of worship, markets, stations, farms and other public/gathering places,” Ms. Mukwelle said.

Ms. Mukwelle stressed that rumors discouraging people from taking vaccines must be dispelled; public education is essential so everyone understands the importance of vaccination against polio. The vaccines are free, safe and effective. They are our most useful tool in the fight against this devastating virus.

Once again, Global Hand Cameroon is pleased to support this important work in our community.